Handy Tips for Moving Your Hot Tub to a New Home

One thing we’ve learned over the years: When our customers move, it’s hard to leave your Hot Spring Spa behind! For those of you who just can’t bear it and decide to take your hot tub with you, here are some steps for a successful hot tub move.


  • If you’re employing a moving company, they need to be in the know about the tub. Fortunately, if they’re used to moving other larger/heavier items (like a piano), they should be good with moving your hot tub as well. For space optimization, they may choose to sit the tub upright for the move. If that’s the case, be sure the equipment bay side of the tub is placed at the top when it’s put in the moving truck.


  • Do a thorough drain of your tub. This means getting all the water out of the plumbing lines, equipment and the body of the tub. Once you’ve drained the tub, use a wet vac to get all the water out of the plumbing. Use the secondary drain on the base of your tub under the equipment bay door as well, which will drain the equipment.


  • Clean and condition the cover thoroughly. Or, if it’s at the end of its lifespan (4-5 years), ditch it and purchase a new cover when you get to your destination. The same thing goes for your filters, which should be replaced every 2-3 years. If they’re that old, dispose of them as well and get new filters.


  • If your tub runs on 220V power and you’re leaving the electrical sub-panel for the tub on the house, be sure you get a new one. Do not have an electrician go out and buy a standard issue sub-panel. You need to be sure you have a panel designed for proper operation of your Hot Spring Spa so it’s not wired incorrectly. That will only cause you extra time and expense when things potentially get ruined in your tub’s equipment bay by not being wired appropriately.


  • Find your new Hot Spring dealer ahead of time and let them know you’re moving to the area. If your tub is still under warranty, provide them with the tub’s serial number, as well as your proof of purchase so they can continue to honor your warranty for the remaining coverage. You can locate your new Hot Spring dealer by going to Hot Spring’s website and entering the zip code in for your new home in the spot where it says “Find your local dealer”. Don’t worry—with 600 dealers in the U.S., there should be a Hot Spring dealer near you!


If you want to purchase a new cover, filters or sub-panel from Oregon Hot Tub before you hit the road so you’re totally prepared, we’ll be happy to help. Simply give our Service Center a call so we can ensure you have all the right items prior to your move. And, if you want to be sure your tub is set for the trek, employ our Valet Team to drain & detail your tub for you. We’ll get you ready for the journey ahead!