Hot Tub Buying Secret: Consider the Noise Factor

Did you know…? One of the tub complaints in many neighborhoods is noise from a neighbor’s hot tub!

There are so many things that people get distracted with when they go on a hot tub quest—some of those things don’t really matter at the end of the day (high jet counts, ridiculously high horsepower on jet pumps are just the start).

One of the things many hot tub sellers gloss over is how much noise a hot tub will make when it’s not in use. You’ll, of course, have noise from your jet pumps when you’re in the tub getting a massage—and most likely you’ll be doing that at a time when it won’t upset or distract your neighbors.

The more critical issue is how much noise a tub will make in the middle of the night or early in the morning. These are the times that a neighbor (or, quite frankly, you) might get awakened by noise from a hot tub kicking on to heat or circulate on pre-determined cycles.

Here’s the good news: There IS a quiet, good neighbor option for you — Hot Spring Spas!

Because Hot Spring dedicates a silent pump to do the heating and cleaning tasks, you’ll never hear a noise from your hot tub or feel vibrations from a deck when cleaning is occurring, waking up you or your kids.

And, if you aren’t bothered by noise from your hot tub, your neighbors certainly won’t either. (By the way: it also draws less power than a 40-watt light bulb to do the heating and cleaning. The result? Lower operating costs than any other hot tub brand!)

While other hot tubs might have a circulation pump, they don’t actually design the tubs to use only that pump for the heating & cleaning. They still rely on the big jet pumps kicking on for multiple intervals during a 24-hour period to purge plumbing lines and clean areas not handled by the circulation pump. Don’t be deceived! The best way to be sure is to look at the manufacturer’s owners manual for a hot tub. If there’s anything about programming or heating and cleaning cycles, you know you’ll be in for some noise you and the neighbors will be forced to contend with once it’s on your deck or in your backyard.

Make the noise factor part of your checklist when shopping for your new hot tub! You (and your neighbors) will be so glad you did.

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