Attention runners: Keep your feet healthy with hot tub use

Spring is here, and many runners are hitting the great outdoors for some good healthy runs. If you haven’t been on regular runs, your feet may cry “Help!” when you wrap up your outdoor jaunt. Here are some tips to keep your feet happy & healthy.

Elevate. If your feet tend to swell during a run, getting them elevated will help relieve this. The consistent pounding your feet endure during a run can cause blood pooling, making proper circulation difficult. Ditch your shoes and socks and elevate your feet above your pelvis to relieve this.

Ice. Some runners experience numbing soreness and discomfort. Counteract this with cold through ice packs or a bag of frozen peas. Get your feet elevated and apply the ice pack or peas to your sore spots. (If it’s too cold, wrap either in a thin towel.) Ice for around 10-15 minutes.

Hot tub soaking. You may not want to immerse your whole body in a hot tub right after a run—but your feet will love you if you allow them a dip in the hot water! Sit on the edge of your hot tub and let those feet soak. If your dogs are really barking, turn the jets on and let the jets normally used on your back instead massage and increase circulation to your feet and ankles.

Rest. Here’s one of those common sense things: how about just giving your body some time to rest after a run? I know many runners who cool down a bit, shower, and keep going… Your feet will welcome a good half hour of inactivity. Some good hydration during your “chill time” will help you feel refreshed and help revive you for the rest of the day.

Now, head outdoors, hit the trails—and remember to pamper your feet so they can keep you going!