Reduce soreness after workouts with a hot tub soak

Weren’t you just motivated when you made your New Year’s resolution to get in better shape just one short month ago? You hit the gym, worked out a new routine, maybe hired a personal trainer…and got up the next day after a good workout just sore.

Here’s some encouraging news that will help you stay on track: a hot tub soak after a workout can actually help you reduce soreness by 40%!

What causes that terrific “ow” the next day after a workout? During physical exertion, your body builds up lactic acid and carbon dioxide (CO2) in your muscles which results in muscle fatigue, stiffness and soreness. Hopping into a hot tub for a good soak after a workout helps break down both the lactic acid and CO2 that have collected in your muscles. Not only does your entire body go “ahhh” when you immerse yourself in the hot water after working out, it will take care of the acid and CO2 and get you to a faster post-workout recovery.

Muscles that are particularly sore or tight are aided by the jets, which help loosen and massage muscle tissue, escalating the release of lactic acid and CO2—in addition to just feeling great. Some of the jets in a Hot Spring Spa are especially terrific for after workout soaking and therapy. The updated Soothing Seven jet with its pulsating affects is excellent across your shoulder blades and upper back. For an allover tension release of muscle tightness in your entire back, shoulders and neck, nothing beats the combination of our patented Moto-Massage DX jet teamed up with the Precision Quartet jets in many of our models. And, our rotary hydro massage jets can be put in multiple positions inside our tubs to provide invigorating therapy to many parts of your body—great to rest a forearm against one for relief from those bicep curls.

Best time to use your hot tub after a workout to get the maximum benefit is not right when you’ve wrapped your routine. In fact, it is preferable to wait until your heart rate has returned to normal and your core temperature has cooled so your body is no longer producing sweat. Then—soak away that soreness so you stay on track to hit your fitness goals you set at the beginning of the year!

Take some time to visit one of Oregon Hot Tub’s stores and check out the amazing array of jets in our tubs. Better yet, schedule a test soak today and discover why more people soak in Hot Spring Spas every day over any other brand of hot tub in the world! You won’t believe how great you feel!