The benefits of hot tub salt water soaking

If you’re thinking of buying a hot tub, nothing can be more enjoyable than soaking in the refreshing water of a Hot Spring Spa.

Hot Spring tackled the challenge of providing the experience of using salt to sanitize your hot tub with its ACE Salt Water Care—and it’s been a big hit. Since its introduction in 2009, they have continued to improve the system, making it so easy to take care of your water while enabling soaking in salt water.

There are a lot of benefits to salt water soaking! Take a look at just a few advantages:

  • It’s better for your skin. Many bottled sanitizers used in hot tubs can cause your skin to feel dry. Over the years, we’ve tried to help folks that love hot tubbing overcome the trials of dry skin after soaks. Salt water soaking negates a lot of those issues. Salt has a softening effect on skin, counteracting that dry feeling many experience from other water care products. Salt has been known to speed up the healing process with wounds, and it’s also an aid to pull toxins from your system.
  • Reduces swelling. Salt water teamed up with heat has been known to help reduce swelling and edema. Soaking in hot water naturally opens up your pores, allowing the salt to draw water out of the body through your skin. Swelling resulting from overexertion, exercise and injury will all benefit from a good salt water soak.
  • Easier on your joints. We all know how great it feels to sit in hot water. You immediately experience buoyancy, relieving tension and pressure on joints. When you add salt to the water, that buoyancy is increased further, relieving joint pressure even more!
  • Simplified water care. Who doesn’t want this?? The ACE System creates a number of terrific sanitizers, as well as its own MP3, which is an oxidizer. The result? You lose fewer bottled products along with the salt used in the ACE System. Nothing to add after every use, and water that stays pH balanced much more easily. Say goodbye to that Saturday water care chore on your to-do list!
  • Water that lasts longer. We’ve all become aware with the recent California drought that water is a precious commodity. It’s a resource we need to learn to preserve. Hot tubs already save people from wasting thousands of gallons of water a year on filling up bath tubs over and over for soaking. The ACE Salt Water System makes saving water even easier, since the water can often be used up to a year before draining and filling your tub with fresh water! And, when you drain your tub, you can easily neutralize any residual chlorine, allowing you to use the water on your lawn, plants…even animals could drink it without harm. That’s just smart.

You’d really love an ACE Salt Water System in your new tub. And guess what? From June 19-29 this month you can buy your new Hot Spring Spa and add an ACE Salt Water System for FREE! Isn’t it time you enjoyed all the health benefits of hot tub soaking? This is one time you can feel good about saying, “Just add salt”.

Visit our stores during the Freedom to Choose Event and get your free ACE Salt Water System with the purchase of a Hot Spring Spa!