Newest Hot Tub Gadgets

Owning a hot tub is an amazing experience all its own, but there are ways to make that experience even better with the help of some amazing additions. Whether they enhance your time spent soaking or simply make your life as a hot tub owner easier, these gadgets are something you should consider adding to your little piece of paradise.


No, the standard hot tub cover isn’t exactly a new gadget. In fact, you probably already own one. But the standard cover isn’t the only option out there, and you may be surprised at what the others have to offer. 

covana closed hot tub cover

The SmartTop cover is an energy saving, maintenance free cover that is built to outlast any standard hot tub cover in the industry. This cover which may be a little pricier also comes with many benefits that save you money over time. The SmartTop Cover doesn’t absorb water like standard covers which means it does not get moldy or obtain mildew like the others. It also is sleek, strong, and resilient for any weather. The energy saving aspect of this cover will save you money all year long. Always custom ordered this hot tub cover is worth the money.

The Covana hot tub cover is not just a way to keep your hot tub warm and clean. It also doubles as a fully automated gazebo that provides added comfort, privacy, and protection from the sun. All you need to do when you’re ready to enjoy your hot tub is turn a key to activate your Covana cover, and it will convert into a luxurious gazebo in a matter of seconds. Talk about luxury!


There’s an app for everything now. Why not your hot tub? With the help of some easy-to-use software, you can turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote that can control and monitor various aspects of your tub. 

Want to turn your hot tub on while you’re out so that it’s ready to use the moment you arrive home? How about lowering the temperature when it’s not in use to conserve energy? Or maybe you want to keep an eye on potential maintenance issues to avoid costly repairs? You can do all these things and more with your hot tub app that is available at Oregon Hot Tubs. 


Sometimes your hot tub is a place for relaxing in peace and quiet. Other times, it’s a place for entertaining guests with some music and conversation. When you’re looking to do the latter, there’s no easier or more convenient way to incorporate your personalized playlist into the party than with a Bluetooth speaker. And now you don’t even need to bring your own separate device. 

You can outfit your hot tub with a Bluetooth-enabled sound system that will allow you to connect your smart device directly to the tub and play whatever you want at your leisure in or out of the tub. With an eight-speaker sound system and subwoofer, your favorite music will sound better than ever before.

Hot Spring® Smart Spa System

Maintaining your hot tub requires a fair amount of work, and while that work may be well worth it, that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be nice to alleviate a bit of the burden with the help of some cutting-edge technology. The Hot Spring® Smart Spa System allows you to do exactly that. 

hotsping hot tub salt system cartridge installation

This easy-to-use system gives you total control over your spa wherever you’ve got a smart device and Wi-Fi. You can control your spa’s various functions, such as lighting, jets, and temperature, and you can monitor the status of your hot tub to ensure that everything is in working order. Should your spa require maintenance, the Hot Spring® Smart Spa System can connect you with your local dealer to schedule service.

Hot Spring® Salt System

If you really want to reduce the amount of maintenance your hot tub requires, the Hot Spring® Salt System is perhaps the best option available. By adding a small amount of salt to your hot tub water through this simple hands-free system, you can eliminate the need for constantly adding chemicals and drastically reduce the number of times per year you need to drain and clean your tub.

Upgrade Your Hot Tub with Oregon Hot Tub

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