How do you fix Monday morning “blah”? Try soaking in your hot tub

Doesn’t everyone just wake up on a Monday morning and say, “Aaaahh!” No? More likely, you’re waking up and saying, “Ughhh!” Well, soaking in your hot tub first thing on Monday morning might just get your day (and probably your whole week!) off to a much better start.

Here’s our recommendation:

  • Get up at least a half hour earlier than you normally would (We know…this will be the hardest part!)
  • Make a fresh cup of coffee or tea and head out to your hot tub.
  • Soak for a minimum of twenty minutes.
  • Spend your soak time thinking about the week ahead, plan your day, and relish in the warm bubbly water and its ability to release endorphins and get rid of night time stiffness.
  • Need your senses energized further? Try adding some Spazazz Aromatherapy to your hot tub for the morning soak ritual. We like the citrus boost of grapefruit & orange from Invigorate or the vitamin enriched Detox Therapy from the Rx line.

It’s that simple! You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel with grogginess banished and your mood boosted. It will absolutely arm you to better handle your commute, and it could also encourage new ideas to contribute to the workplace. (You’ll certainly be in a better place to deal with that co-worker that sometimes gets under your skin just as you’re trying to get back into the swing of the work week!)

You might just love your Monday morning soak enough to make it the start of every day. Trust us, there are worse things you can do!


Happy Monday!