Our Cool Stuff Event will make your hot tub…well….COOL!

If you haven’t had a chance to take a look at all the cool tech that has come to market over the last few years for a Hot Spring Spa, it’s our duty to point out a couple of great things you can add to your hot tub to enhance your enjoyment and peace of mind. And, with Hot Spring’s Cool Stuff Event running from March 20-30, you can really score when you buy your new hot tub!

New for 2015–Connextion™ Remote Monitoring System. Hot tubs are getting advanced technologically, and the world is providing more ways for us to take care of things right at our fingerprints from a myriad of smart devices. Connextion allows you to have a butler for your hot tub that’s on duty 24 hours a day, letting you know how things are going and if anything needs attention. We at Oregon Hot Tub have the ability to help monitor your tub as well with this terrific system! Should something occur, you can receive an alert message to let you know if service is needed. If we’re in the loop, we can schedule a tech to take care of something for you, and send you a message that everything is under control.

You’ll also be able to take care of a lot of adjustments to your tub remotely: adjust temperature settings, confirm or change settings on your ACE Salt System, activate or deactivate jet  pumps and clean cycles, lock your temperature or entire tub down…new features will be available down the road as the system gets updated.

Ideal for techies, business travelers, hot tub owners with a spa at a vacation or rental home…this takes peace of mind with your hot tub to a whole new level And it’s exclusively for Hot Spring Spas. Read more about Connextion.

Wireless Bluetooth Music. With everyone accessing music on smart devices, it’s really terrific to enjoy your own playlist while soaking in your hot tub. The Wireless Bluetooth Music available for all Hot Spring Spas has been updated to give you incredible sounding music while enjoying that evening soak. Simply synch up your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth with your hot tub’s music system and voila´! You’re ready to sink into the water and enjoy the sounds of your favorite artists. The updated subwoofer provides rich sound, and the system can be fine-tuned to give you the right treble and bass balance that you enjoy most. Add the optional iPod dock to the system, and your tub will show you the title and artist of each song right on the hot tub’s control panel. It will also enable you to skip a track and move on to the next song if desired. (The hot tub’s LED control panel display can be flipped for easy reading while in the tub!) And…just like the Connextion System, this is a Hot Spring exclusive.

What makes Connextion and Wireless Bluetooth Music on a new Hot Spring Spa even cooler? Getting one of them FREE when you buy your new tub during Hot Spring’s Cool Stuff Event! Buy your new Hot Spring Spa between March 20-30, and you’ll get to choose Connextion or Wireless Bluetooth Music and have it added to your tub for free!

THAT. IS. COOL. Visit one of our stores today for more details!