Setting Up A Hot Tub is Easier Than You May Think!

Many people think once they decide to get a hot tub the work is just beginning. The truth is, if you’re buying a small or mid-sized hot tub, the brands Oregon Hot Tub ( sell are incredibly easy to set up. You can usually have your tub delivered and be soaking the very next day! How easy can it be?

  1. Pick the right hot tub. This sometimes is the hardest part of the whole process. A lounge or no lounge? How many seats? The key to a hot tub that gets used all the time is one that fits you correctly, and is big enough to do the job, but not too big. Shop with a Goldilocks “just right” attitude, and you’ll do the right thing. (Schedule a test soak just to be on the safe side, and you’ll know it’s right.)
  2. Set up the foundation. Thanks to the way Hot Spring & Freeflow build their tubs, the majority of them can be placed on any level foundation. This means no pouring concrete, or the expense associated with it. As long as you make the space relatively level, we can place your new tub on paving stones, brick, pea gravel, or a deck. You can also save hundreds in foundation prep by purchasing a SmartDeck, which will hold over 300 lbs per square foot—more than enough for any hot tub.
  3. Set up the electrical. Did you know that we have ten models available that can be operated off a standard 15-amp 110V plug?? Wow! The key here is the outlet has to be close enough to the space to plug directly into the outlet—no extension cords allowed. We also have four models that operate off a dedicated 20-amp 110V plug. Those require a small investment in electrical set up, but less expensive by far than wiring for 220V power. And—don’t fall for the “a hot tub won’t work well on 110V power” competitors sometimes try to use as a selling tactic. We’ve sold 110V units since our company started selling Hot Spring in the early ‘80’s. We wouldn’t offer over half the hot tubs we sell as 110V units if it didn’t work! What kind of business sense would that make?
  4. Fill with a garden hose. There are still many out there under the impression a hot tub requires plumbing to use. Not so! You fill all our units with a garden hose, and drain them the same way. As simple and easy as the rest of the process.


That’s it. We deliver it, place it, level it if allowed, fill it with water the first time, start it up, go over water care and how to use the controls. You’ll be ready to soak the very next day!

Now that you know how easy and inexpensive setting up a hot tub can be, what are you waiting for? Visit Oregon Hot Tub today, and we’ll have you in hot water in no time. You’ll be glad you did!