Endurance Athletes – Improve Your Time with a Sauna

If you’re a swimmer, triathlete, cyclist, or marathon runner, here’s a great way to increase your performance times—take a sauna.

In 2007, New Zealand’s University of Otago performed a study tied to sauna use after a 5k run. The study, performed by their sports scientists, involved six male runners who trained six to seven times a week. Each athlete was required to take a half hour sauna after every run for a period of three weeks, including hydration.

Once the three week period was complete, the runners hopped on a treadmill. The treadmill speed was set according to the fastest recorded run time of each athlete. After the three week test period, the runners were able to maintain their fastest speed up to 30% longer than before the three week study! This equates to a reduction in overall run time for a 5k run of 1.9%—that may seem like a small number to the average Joe, but to an endurance athlete it’s a significant improvement. It appeared that the regular sauna bathing after each run increased the athletes’ plasma and red blood cell production. The theory is that this allowed for maximum oxygen consumption during a run.

Logic would say that this increase in performance could also impact other athletes in endurance sports—cycling, triathletes, and swimmers.

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