Keep Your Blood Pressure in Check with Hot Tub Soaks

Yes, hot tubs are fun, a treat, an escape…but they do have a myriad of terrific health benefits as well.

One benefit of regular hot tub soaking can be keeping your blood pressure in check. While no one but your doctor should instruct you on what to do if your blood pressure is above healthy levels, regular hot tub soaking might be a simple drug free way to prevent it from getting to that point.

How does hot tub soaking help with maintaining healthy blood pressure? Soaking in a hot tub will allow blood vessels to dilate, increasing blood flow to the heart. Your heart can actually reduce its workload pumping blood by 20% during a hot tub soak. Vasodilation —the opening of blood vessels—is encouraged when your body temperature elevates in hot water. This increases oxygen production to your entire body, which assists your body in healing. You’ll also be releasing toxins from your system at the same time, providing good body cleansing.

Combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, hot tub soaking can keep blood pressure in check…and it’s a lot easier and fun than trying to eat right and exercise! If you’re concerned about your heart health, do the work but get part of the reward too! If the Mayo Clinic can use hot tub soaking to improve heart health, why not you?

Check out our entire line of hot tubs, and visit us today and schedule a test soak. It will be the first step to better heart health!