Bikram Yoga Lovers – Have a Sauna at Home!

Bikram Yoga lovers—install your own sauna at home!


It’s been around since the ‘70’s, but Bikram Yoga seems to be experiencing a surge of popularity. Bikram Yoga requires a room heated to 105 plus degrees with a decent amount of humidity to aid in getting the most benefit out of the 90 minutes a session lasts.

If you’re a Bikram Yoga enthusiast, you should absolutely consider turning a space in your home into a custom traditional sauna. What could be better than doing yoga right in the privacy of your own home? If you have a spare bedroom, a space in a basement or outbuilding, it could become the perfect custom steam sauna to not only do yoga, but also relax after run, workout, or simply heat up in the morning.


Oregon Hot Tub offers custom cut saunas made by Helo, a sauna manufacturer with over 90 years in the sauna business. Hailing from Finland, you’ll enjoy a true Finnish sauna installed in your home perfectly designed to fit your space. The beauty of a custom cut sauna is unmatched, and you won’t believe how incredible the space you may not have been making much use of becomes in your home.

Helo uses the right wood to manufacture your custom room: European Alder and Western Red Cedar for the walls and ceiling; Abachi which is a terrific African hardwood that doesn’t splinter and remains cool to the touch for benches, back rests and arm rests.

Low voltage lighting, controls you can set to make sure your sauna is up and running in time for your sessions, and incredible state of the art sauna heaters round out your custom cut sauna. You’ll have everything you need to create your own sauna studio!

Schedule an in-home consultation today. We’ll take a look at your space, offer suggestions, and partner with Helo to create the perfect custom sauna. Your personal yoga retreat is just around the corner!