Silk Balance – Easy hot tub water care

It’s time for you to simplify your water care. It’s time for SilkBalance.

If you’ve not heard about SilkBalance yet, you’re really missing out! SilkBalance enjoyed years of success as a water balancing product in Europe before its arrival in the U.S. There really hasn’t been anything that has changed the face of traditional water care like this product has.

SilkBalance does the two things its name says: balances your water, and leaves your skin silky smooth after soaking. No more dry itchy skin after a soak. No more desire to shower or lotion up after leaving your hot tub. You will absolutely feel the difference once you’ve soaked in hot tub treated with SilkBalance. The addition of buffered mineral salts to the mix allows it to moisturize your skin while soaking, without being corrosive to hot tub parts. Customers who used to limit their soaking because of eczema or psoriasis have been liberated by this product, and now soak as many as four times a week without irritation.

The propriety mix that keeps your water balanced is patented, so we can’t exactly spell out the ingredients—we don’t even know that part. What we can tell you is it works. It works! Adding SilkBalance when you first start up your tub, and again each week keeps your water balanced and smelling fresh. No more fiddling with test strips—testing is virtually eliminated. No more using calcium hardness, alkalinity, pH balancers, metal control…these items are practically obsolete with regular conscientious use of SilkBalance.

If you have a hard time remembering to do things on a regular basis, we’ve got a failsafe method to make sure you add your SilkBalance every week. We owe this tip to our fellow Hot Spring dealer in Colorado, International Hot Tub. Their hint: add SilkBalance when you take out your trash. Simple but brilliant—exactly the same traits you’ll discover using this wonderful product.

There are even more benefits to SilkBalance, including ingredients to help sanitize your water and protect your hot tub’s components. To become fully educated, drop by one of our showrooms and we’ll show you how to switch over to SilkBalance. You’ll love it!

Also be sure to check out our brand new Silk Balance Startup Kit. It contains the Silk Balance system along with other various components to help keep you in clean water. Find it today in our e-store for  what would pay if you bought all the components separately!