Start summer this weekend with a Hot Spring Spa


Summer is just around the corner…rejoice! Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to the long, lazy days of summer. Relaxing in your backyard, enjoying the hard work gardening and sprucing things up, barbecuing and having friends over…it’s all coming in the days and weeks ahead.

Make a Hot Spring Spa part of your summer celebration. Our latest line up offers something for everyone in the family. Here’s sampling…

Terrific Jets
You work hard on the garden, spend long hours at work, run errands, and exercise. The unparalleled jets—including the fantastic Moto-Massage Jets in a Hot Spring Spa will liberate your body from sore, tired muscles and set you up for a good night’s sleep.

Easy Water Care
Our exclusive ACE Salt Water System makes it incredibly easy to take care of your hot tub water. The combination of salt and diamond chip electrode technology makes this one of the easiest ways to sanitize your tub. You’ll have peace of mind knowing everyone is soaking in crystal clear healthy water every time.

Listen to the Music
Our wireless entertainment systems are like nothing else in the hot tub industry. Keep your iPod away from the water safely docked in the house while the music is transmitted to your hot tub. Control your music from our state-of-the-art control panel. Take it a step further by adding our wireless TV to your hot tub—the only hot tub in the industry that allows you to play movies and watch your cable television channels from your spa—awesome!
Silence when you want it
When it’s time to sit back and enjoy the night sky, you can do it in silence. Our jet pumps never cycle on and off to heat and clean the tub. It all takes place whisper quiet. No noise when you don’t want it—and no pesky jet pumps kicking on in the middle of the night outside your bedroom window when you’re enjoying that post-soak slumber.

Are you ready?? We’re thrilled—because our Memorial Day Celebration ends this coming Monday. We’ve got outstanding pricing and special financing to help make your hot tub dreams a reality. We look forward to seeing you soon!