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The all-new Endless Pools Fitness Systems combines the revolutionary Endless Pools Swim Machine with optional underwater treadmill, rowing, strength-training exercises and relaxing hydrotherapy. With Endless Pools Fitness Systems you’ll benefit from having a fully functional home wellness system that is convenient to use and beautiful enough to be the centerpiece of your backyard.

Endless Pools® Fitness Systems combine beautifully functional design with advanced swim-in-place technology to create an at-home wellness system that doesn’t compromise style for functionality.

You’ll get even more room for at-home, total-body fitness with our newest 15′ Endless Pools Fitness System. With no jetted seats and a wider exercise area, the E550 stands as the best swim spa on the market. The added space optimizes the flow of water, so it allows you to swim with much less turbulence than competing spas.

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SwimCross Exercise Systems stand out from other jetted options because the five swim jets are air-free and produce a less turbulent current than the typical jetted swim spa.

Balancing daily demands and spending time with family can be a challenge. Finding an Aquatic Fitness System with the functionality and quality you deserve, at a price you can afford can be equally daunting.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems

Take our short quiz to find your perfect swim spa

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International Swimming Hall of Famer Karlyn Pipes takes on the Endles Pools® Elite model at top speed. 

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When Lucy and her pro triathlete husband, Reece, wanted to install a training pool in their home, they opted for the Endless Pools® High Performance model.

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