Give your entire body a workout with a swim spa

It’s well documented that swim training is great for your overall health and well-being. Swimming creates resistance for all your muscles while at the same time creating buoyancy to take stress off your joints. It will also help improve flexibility and benefit your cardiovascular system.All the benefits of swimming are easily achieved through regular water workouts in a swim spa. Here are six key reasons to use your swim spa for a workout:

  • Injuries from working out are greatly reduced. Swimming and water workouts have a much lower risk of injury over regular workouts. Just hopping into your swim spa will immediately ditch 1/10th of your normal weight. With less pressure and stress on your joints, you’ll get the benefits from working out while reducing your chance of injury.
  • Your entire body gets conditioning. Swimming tones every part of your body. No need to focus on particular body parts as much as is needed with traditional workouts. While backstrokes and breaststrokes can aid with upper body conditioning, all other exercises and freestyle swimming will benefit your entire body in a swim spa.
  • Benefits in weight loss. Swimming is terrific for helping with weight loss. Since you’re entire body is involved in swimming in your swim spa, toning and fat loss from your entire body is more achievable.
  • Helps lower blood pressure. Improving circulation is key to lowering blood pressure—and regular exercising in a swim spa will absolutely help with that. Other circulatory problems could benefit from regular swim spa use as well.
  • Muscle strengthening. While weight training obviously helps with strengthening muscles, swim spa workouts can help as well. Laps aid with stamina and endurance, and swimming will especially strengthen shoulders, arms, legs and abs.
  • Stress relief. Water has such tremendous healing properties for the body! A terrific way to help yourself relax and release stress: Finish your swim, and then float for a while on the water’s surface while meditating. You’ll really feel refreshed!

If you love swimming, but know you don’t have the room (or the money!) for a swimming pool at home, a swim spa could be the perfect solution for you. Not only will you love the recreational enjoyment, but it will help you stay on the track to better health.Drop by one of our locations and take a look at our line of Hydropool Swim Spas.


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