World Health Day & Diabetes

World Health Day is this week on April 7th. The World Health Organization (WHO) met way back in 1948 and decided that, starting in 1950, World Health Day would be observed to draw attention to the importance of global health.

This year, World Health Day is focused on Diabetes, which is considered a largely preventable and treatable disease. WHO estimates that there are 350 million people worldwide who combat Diabetes.

What many still don’t realize is that, for Type 2 Diabetes, regular use of a hot tub can improve the condition. The New England Journal of Medicine actually reported on this way back in July 2000. In the study, patients with Type 2 Diabetes soaked in a hot tub six days a week for a half hour each day for three weeks. It appeared the key here was soaking daily for the minimum of 30 minutes in hot water maintained at 102-104 degrees.

At the end of the study, the patients experienced a natural drop in blood sugar levels of 13%. One participant actually reduced his insulin dose by 18% after just 10 days! Other benefits that were noted for the participants included improved sleep patterns and circulation benefits. The doctor conducting the study felt that hot tubbing regularly would mimic some of the benefits that come from exercise.

What a terrific easy way to help combat the effects of Diabetes! If you are someone living with this condition and don’t own a hot tub, you would be wise to invest in a Hot Spring Spa. Not only will you have something at home that can help manage your Diabetes, you’ll experience many other added benefits that others enjoy from a daily soak. And, with Hot Spring’s balanced filtration, you’ll not sit in dirty water common in other hot tub brands. You’ll also be able to choose soaking in therapeutic salt water, thanks to Hot Spring’s revolutionary ACE Salt Water System. It’s a more natural way to soak and is better on your skin to boot.

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