Why Salt Water Is Beneficial for Hot Tub Users


The HotSpring® dealers at Oregon Hot Tub explain Why Salt Water Is Beneficial for Hot Tub Users

There’s so much emphasis on fresh water in a person’s daily life that salt water’s benefits are rarely considered. It makes sense on some level: we rely on fresh water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, and a whole host of other daily tasks. 

But what if salt water had much more potential to tap into than you think, especially for keeping things clean? Saltwater hot tubs have been around for quite a while now, and they’re consistently becoming easier to use and access. 

As a result, more hot tub owners are waking up to salt water’s many benefits. Here are a few that may make you rethink how you soak.

Chemical-less Cleaning

The modern consumer is savvier than ever about chemicals and their use in daily life. Salt water is a good example of a chemical-free alternative that doesn’t require sacrificing cleanliness. 

A salt water hot tub system will require less chlorine, which means significantly lower amounts of chemicals. As a bonus, relying less heavily on chemicals means buying fewer chemicals and putting more money back in your pocket.

In addition, lower chlorine levels cause the water to feel silky soft and smooth to the touch, which makes for a great soaking experience. You also won’t need to monitor chlorine levels nearly as much, giving you more time to sit back and relax — which is likely the reason you bought your hot tub in the first place.

No Lingering Odors

Chlorine’s notoriety stems mainly from its strong chemical smell. The smell stays with you for hours, too, which means that you may have people asking if you just got out of a pool. 

The smell comes from the chemical residue in the water and usually becomes more potent if the chlorine levels are inconsistent. But since saltwater hot tubs don’t require manual dosing, there’s no leftover residue and no off-putting chemical smell. 

Waste Less Water

Many homeowners share the growing concern about how their lifestyles impact the environment. And water is a precious resource, so conserving it in any way you can is always a good thing. 

Saltwater hot tub systems help with this because they don’t require changing the water as frequently as their freshwater counterpart. The result is less water use overall, allowing you to continue to lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle while still enjoying your self-care and wellness routine.

Better Skin Health

Chlorine can also irritate your eyes and skin if there is too much of it in the water. And because you’ll need to manually dose your freshwater hot tubs with chemicals, the chances of an imbalance are much higher. Fortunately, that’s not an issue with saltwater hot tubs. 

Salt water’s all-natural clean leaves you with a gentle experience, saving your skin from the harsh cleaning agents you’d have to use without it. It’s an excellent solution for those with sensitive skin, allowing them to continue enjoying their hot tubs without any concern. In fact, salt water contains enzymes and minerals that can soothe and even soften your skin.

A Unique Soak Experience Through Improved Recovery

Soaking in any hot tub is therapeutic for the mind and body, but salt water comes with an extra benefit: the salt can draw out fluid from the skin, further soothing discomfort and inflammation. The process is called hydrotherapy, and doctors have long recommended it to help ease various aches and ailments. 

If you primarily use your tub for recovery or relief, salt water will likely always be the most beneficial option for your comfort. The restorative elements of these systems are also fantastic for fitness enthusiasts. The combination of hot tub soaking with the mineralized salt water will have you performing at your best more quickly than ever.

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