When the migraine comes, use your hot tub

If you’re like me, those signals that a full-on migraine is on the way are never welcome. The next time you feel the start of a migraine attack, consider using your hot tub in conjunction with cold therapy.

Some studies suggest you can overcome a migraine more quickly by intermittent hot and cold therapy. What better way to do so than with your hot tub?

Here are the goals: increase circulation to your entire body; dilate blood vessels, massage neck tension (where some suggest migraines start), and provide a quiet place to escape the annoying throbbing in your head.

When you feel a migraine coming on, grab a cold compress—a couple if you have them handy. Head out to the hot tub, and get yourself full immersed. Increasing circulation to your extremities will immediately help dilate blood vessels in your feet and hands. It will not only feel good, it will also help encourage increased circulation to your entire body, and relieve some of the pressure of a migraine.

Next, try the jets—especially on your upper back and neck. Some experts agree that tension in the neck area seems to encourage the onset of a migraine. Getting massage to the upper back and neck to relieve some of that tension and massage sore muscles will relax you, and help encourage endorphins—your body’s natural “feel good” (or in this case, “feel better”) response.

Once you’ve been in the water soaking for at least five minutes, take a cold compress and place it on your forehead for a five minute interval. Once you’ve completed that process, return to soaking with jets for another five minutes followed by a second cold compress application. (Some might find additional relieve by alternating the position of the compress between the forehead and the back of the neck.)

Continue this exercise for at least a 20 minute period. The combination of increased circulation, neck and upper back massage, and alternating hot and cold should help alleviate your migraine symptoms.

Once you’ve completed this regimen, retreat to a dark, cool room in your home and rest your eyes. Your entire body will relax, and hopefully endorse a more rapid retreat of that pesky migraine.

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