Water aerobics for your swim spa

Lots of people invest in a swim spa for conditioning, recreation, and being able to recreate that swimming experience at home usually only found in a large swimming pool at a gym. However, there are terrific aerobic exercises perfectly suited to a swim spa. They’ll help you tone and condition your body without the need for a trip to the gym. Here are five great aerobic exercises easily done in your swim spa.

  • Exercise: The Ball Lever/Areas worked—shoulders, back, triceps, abs
    • You’ll need a beach ball for this exercise. Float face down in the spa with your legs extended and feet together. Grab the beach ball and force it down below you into the water, keeping your arms straight. Then, sweep the ball under you to your thighs rapidly. As you press the ball underneath, your head will raise out of the water to take a breath. When the ball hits your thighs, bend your elbows to bring the ball back to the starting position and repeat. Make sure to keep your body and your arms as straight as possible for the best muscle toning. Perform this exercise for a 30 second circuit.
  • Exercise: Wave Maker/Areas worked—Legs, back, abs, butt
    • Swim to the edge of your swim spa and grab hold of the edge. Take your right hand (or left if you’re a Southpaw!) and place it below you in the water against the wall with fingers pointing down and palm flat to stabilize yourself. Then, extend your legs behind you at water surface, keeping your legs and feet together. Kick as if you’re mimicking a dolphin swimming, using your abs, hips and feet to create the kicking. Kick for 30 seconds, creating big waves. If you can’t keep your legs together for the full 30 seconds, separate your legs and continue to kick till the 30 second interval is up. But—build your endurance so you can keep your legs together for the full 30 seconds for the best results.
  • Exercise: Otter Roll/Areas worked—Legs, back, abs, butt
    • Grab that beach ball again! Hug the beach ball to your chest face down in the water. Start spinning like an otter, rolling over the ball, using your entire body to complete the roll. Continue the motion for 30 seconds, alternating the direction you’re rolling for maximum benefit.
  • Exercise: K-Tread/Areas worked—Chest, arms, butt, hamstrings, back, abs
    • Head to the deepest end of your swim spa, and tread water. While doing so, cup your hands and make small circles. As you do so, lift your right leg in front of you to hip level and point the toes of your left foot to the bottom of the spa. (Squeezing your butt & glutes will help you keep your legs straight.) Do this for five seconds, then switch legs and repeat for a total of 30 seconds.
  • Exercise: Pike Scull/Areas worked—Abs, hips, arms
    • Start at the shallow end of your swim spa and sit back in the water. Tread water with your hands while bringing your legs together in front of you, making a “V” in the water with your body. Keep your body in a “V” and use your cupped hands to tread water, moving your forward to the other end of your swim spa. (Tightening your abs will help you keep your “V” shape.” Again, this is a 30-second routine. If your swim spa isn’t long enough to complete the entire 30 seconds, try to accomplish the length of your spa in 15 seconds, then swim back to the shallow end and repeat.

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