Ward off flus & colds this season with regular sauna use

With every year comes the changing of the seasons…and with the winter season, colds & flu seem to escalate in their occurrence.

We’ve mentioned this in the past, but it certainly bears repeating at this time of year, given that it seems the flu outbreak is peaking in the Northwest. It seems particularly aggressive this time around, and a sauna may help you fend off this pesky illness.

Viruses tend to do best in colder climates, which is why this time of year finds flu and cold outbreaks increasing in frequency. When the body’s core temperature is elevated, these viruses simply have a more difficult time taking hold and thriving to the point of causing sickness. Higher body temperatures keep viruses from replicating in the human body, reducing the chance to contract a cold or the flu. A sauna session also allows sweating out harmful toxins and—you guessed it—viruses from your body.

It’s also been well documented that regular sauna use will increase your body’s natural immune system’s ability to ward off illness and fatigue.

While regular infrared sauna use will absolutely be of benefit, you might consider investing in a traditional steam sauna. The higher temperatures produced in a steam sauna will absolutely inhibit virus production in the human body. Ideally heated to 175 degree or higher and used a minimum of 3-4 times a week should do the trick.

And, you might be surprised to learn that owning your own steam sauna is really not that expensive. (Likely a LOT less expensive than trips to the doctor, prescriptions and over-the-counter remedies over time!) Our most popular Finnleo steam sauna is easily our smallest model in the Passport line. Taking up only a four foot square space, it will provide the perfect “sweatbox” for one or two. And, since it plugs into a regular household outlet to operate, there’s no additional expense for wiring.

Check out our entire line of Finnleo Passport Saunas and visit one of our showrooms to try one out yourself. Or, take our 30 Day Sauna Challenge! You’ll love the way it makes you feel—and cold and flu viruses will definitely not like it!

Stay well this winter!