Want a swim spa AND a hot tub? We’ve got the perfect solution from Hydropool

Occasionally we get requests from customers who love the idea of owning a swim spa and a hot tub, but aren’t exactly wild about having two separate units in order to really make that dream a reality in their backyard.

Well, we’ve got excellent news! Hydropool, the maker of our line of swim spas, has introduced a new model that will make the swim spa/hot tub lovers celebrate!

The new Hydropool AquaSport DTfx model offers everything you need: a terrific swim spa for recreation and exercise, and a separate hot tub that’s part of the unit for the hot water therapy and massage. You’ll enjoy all the terrific swim spa features Hydropool is known for: dual core swim jets provide excellent currents for swimming, Ultra Pure water care systems for a terrific salt water experience, and the ability to add Aqua Rowing machines for a true water exercise regimen.

For the more serious swimming enthusiast, the AquaTrainer model adds additional exercise challenges with its AquaFlow jets and a buoyancy jet—both excellent for competitive training.

Regardless of which model you choose, you’ll be able to hop out of the swim spa side of your Hydropool model and immerse yourself in the hot bubbly waters of the hot tub portion. With terrific hydromassage jets and roomy seating that includes a lounge, you’ll be guaranteed to experience all the post-workout rewards you deserve after utilizing the swim spa side of the unit.

If you’re both an avid swimmer and a hot tub lover, Hydropool has created the perfect solution for your backyard. You’ll absolutely love it! Take the time to visit on of our showrooms today to check out this terrific new model, or take a moment to schedule an in-home consultation with one of Oregon Hot Tub’s pros. We’ll help you create the backyard oasis of your dreams!