Want healthy hot tub & swim spa water? Clean filters are key!

Here’s a startling statistic: many hot tub owners don’t clean or replace the filters in their tub or swim spas at all!! We’re a bit mystified by this, especially since one of the main elements that keep your hot tub & swim spa water clean, clear and healthy is (guest what?!) clean filters!

Filters are designed to keep hot tub & swim spa water clean and free of bacteria, body oils and other organisms introduced by bodies during a soak or swim. There’s only so much, however, that a filter can do without your help. Do the following to keep your water healthy and clean for hot tub & swim spa use:

  • DO clean your filters thoroughly at least once a month. Rinsing with a garden hose is not enough! Filters must be cleaned with a degreasing agent. The filter cleaner Oregon Hot Tub sells is formulated to do the best job on hot tub and swim spa filters.
  • DO rinse filters in-between cleanings or after sessions in your hot tub or swim spa where the bather load is high. Extra bodies = more “stuff” entering your tub or swim spa. Rinsing helps keep your water cleaner longer, and ensures nothing clogs the filters that can interrupt filtration & heating functions.
  • DO keep your water balanced. When water is out of balance, hardness or other water care products can precipitate out of the water and coat filter sleeves, inhibiting their filtering ability.
  • DO consider adding a Scumball to your tub or swim spa’s filter bay. Designed to absorb body oils & lotions, they help prevent filter clogging and water line scum to boot.
  • DO replace your filters on a regular basis. Tubs and swim spas with single filters need to be replaced every year; if a tub or swim spa has multiple cartridges, replace every 2-2½ years.
  • DO consider replacing regular filters with Tri-X filters if you have a Hot Spring Spa. Tri-X is exclusive filter technology only available to Hot Spring Spa owners. Made of a dense filter media, these filters more than double the filtration of your hot tub, and last 4 years minimum! (These can also be used on selected Hot Spot & Solana Spas. See us for details.)

Give your hot tub & swim spa every opportunity to provide you with clean safe enjoyable water…keep those filters in great shape! That’s an order!