Visit Vantaa for a First Class Sauna Experience

If you ever plan a trip to Finland, here’s a terrific way to spend part of your stay. The Flamingo Spa in Vantaa offers a terrific way to spend an afternoon or a full day!

Vantaa is about 12 miles outside of Helsinki. Not only can you enjoy multiple sauna experiences, there’s a water park to boot! Seven different water-oriented experiences await you, including a diving pool and a water channel pool. Many of the pool features at Flamingo feature some type of hydro-massage. Even the largest pool on the property, the Attraction Pool, offer up different air massage points while you take a swim. And, of course one of our favorite water attractions would be the whirlpool. Although it’s only heated to about 93 degrees, the whirlpool is the warmest water in the water park. The park also includes a number of water slides, ranging from the safer for kids to the more adventurous for adults.

Oh, and by the way, as it should be in any Finnish experience, there is a Finnish sauna in the water park connected to the shower area.

Once you wrap up your time at the water park, you could retreat to the spa and wellness side of Flamingo. Here you will find no less than four different types of experiences! It’s interesting to note that saunas here are infused with herbal aromatherapy. A traditional spruce sauna is one type offered, made from the same Nordic White Spruce found in our entire line of traditional steam and custom cut saunas. You can also choose to visit the Bio Sauna. This sauna has a higher level of humidity and a lower temperature, providing an option for those who don’t embrace the especially high heat of a traditional Finnish sauna.

Another feature in the sauna section is the “mill shower”. A fascinating idea, you stand in front of a mill wheel that proceeds to splash you with intermittent waves of hot and cold water to improve circulation.

You can also choose to visit the modern day version of a traditional steam bath, also infused with herbal aromatherapy, as well as soft lighting and soothing music.

And—it’s incredibly affordable! Flamingo’s site claims that you can enjoy a four hour visit to the Spa & Wellness side of the complex for 29-37 Euros, depending on whether you visit on a weekday or weekend. That converts to about $41-$53! (A visit to the water park is extra.)

There would be nothing like enjoying some water and sauna recreation the way the Finns do. If it sounds good to you, enter for a chance to win a trip to Helsinki through our Helo Saunas’ sister brand, Finnleo. Then, cross your fingers you’ll win and find yourself relaxing at the Flamingo Spa!