Using a friend’s hot tub? Be a good hot tub guest

Hot Spring-Highlife-2013-Aria-Lifestyle-Pearl-Espresso-01Isn’t it great to have friends with a hot tub at their house? Of course we think it is! We also think it’s our duty to share some etiquette tips about soaking in a hot tub as a guest…read on!

  • Nude or not nude? Ah…the age old question of hot tubbing! If you have friends who are open minded and you know they tend to soak nude, they might look at you funny if you bring a suit along. Then again, they may also look at you funny if you just trot out to the tub with a towel concealing your bare bum. Best to ask ahead of time if it’s a first time visit to a friend’s hot tub on the suit/no suit protocol.
  • If yes to suits, no laundry soap, please. One of the easiest ways to screw up hot tub water chemistry is to hop in a tub with freshly laundered suits. The residual detergent will get into the water, causing foaming and in some cases cloudy water. Many detergents also contain phosphates, which can lead to water turning green the next day. If you plan to wear suits, run them through a rinse cycle in the washer and let them air dry.
  • Arrive fragrance/lotion free. Excessive lotions and other grooming products (make up, hair gel) also cause negative side effects with hot tub water. If you can remember, do shower before heading over to your friend’s place, and resist the urge to use a lot of extra grooming products that can end up creating issues for your friend’s tub later. After soaking, feel free to moisturize away.
  • Bring a hot tub related gift. There are a lot of nice simple things that don’t cost much as a thank you gift for hot tub use: Plastic champagne flutes with Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider, a pair of plush towels, and hot tub aromatherapy are all relatively inexpensive and a nice surprise when you arrive.
  • Bring your own towels. It’s nice to have your own towels with you, so you can use them for your after soak drying off and take them home when you leave.


Have a great time! Nothing is more enjoyable than taking a hot tub with friends and chatting away…it’s really great fun!