Use your swim spa for a military style workout

If you want to take your daily swim spa use to a whole new level, consider hitting the water hard with a military style workout! Here’s what we found at the Fitness Center on Each of these start out with 20-30 minutes of intense swimming exercises followed by another half hour of easy pace cardio swims. This will help increase fat burning.

Workout #1

  1. 5 reps of 50m freestyle sprints
  2. Rest for 20 seconds, hydrating as needed
  3. 5 reps of 100m sprints (any stroke)
  4. Rest 40-60 seconds, hydrating as needed
  5. Non-stop swimming at a regular pace for 15-30 minutes

Workout #2

  1. 5 reps of 50-100m sprints; rest with 50m of flutter kicks using a kickboard
  2. 5 reps of 50-100m sprints; rest with 50m breaststrokes or dolphin kicks using a kickboard
  3. Non-stop swimming (with swim fins) for 15-30 minutes

Workout #3 (Repeat this series five times)

  1. Swim 100-200m at a moderate pace
  2. Do pushups for 30 seconds (10-40 reps based on fitness level)
  3. One minute of ab work—choose from crunches, flutter kicks, leg levers

Workout #4 (Repeat this series five times—bring light dumbbells with you, or get a set of Wet Bells)

  1. Swim 100-200m at a moderate pace
  2. Do 10-20 pushups
  3. Do 20-30 crunches
  4. Do 10-20 reps of bicep curls
  5. Do 10 reps of military press

These workout routines will push you and take your swim spa fitness experience to a whole new level!

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