Two terrific ways to reconnect with a loved one

Everyday life is full of too much hustle and bustle anymore! Work, kids, kid activities, trying to eat right, trying to get some “me” time, trying to stay up on your email, social media…There are dozens of things to keep you on the run every single day. With all this activity, how on earth do you stay connected to the person you’ve identified as your soul mate?

Two easy ways come to mind: your hot tub or sauna.

Giving yourselves some quiet time to chat and just be with one another is important. What better place to do that than in the swirling waters of your hot tub or the cozy warmth of your sauna? Both give your body a place to relax and release endorphins. Those elements also encourage conversation and will help both of you open up about the day, life, concerns, dreams, frustrations… They’re all so much easier to talk about when you’re in a place of solitude like your hot tub or sauna.

During the course of your soak or sauna session, be sure to make eye contact with each other. Taking in each other’s thoughts and emotions with eye contact helps with reconnecting, and gets you both on the same wavelength. Touch is an important element to incorporate as well. (Did you know…? Couples that engage in touch consistently feel more connected to one another and have better sex lives?) Since both the hot tub and sauna relax your body and muscles, it’s a terrific place to give each other additional massage. A neck, shoulder or scalp massage feels great in a hot tub or sauna!

Think about creating a date night with your loved one on the same night of each week. Make sure the sauna or hot tub is ready for your time together. (Another great hint—add some aromatherapy to the hot tub with scents, or to the sauna with essential oils to enhance the experience.)

You’ll find it will give you a whole new appreciation for each other—and for the hot tub or sauna!

Happy reconnecting.