Two great ways to combat dry skin when hot tubbing…

Winter is a time for a lot of folks to struggle even more with dry skin issues. Cold weather and going indoors and out from cold to warm climates seems to wreak havoc on the epidermis. If you’re a hot tub lover that already has dry skin challenges, the addition of hot tub soaking to the mix can further exacerbate the dry skin battle.

If you’re still using traditional water care for your hot tub, take heart! We have two great options that help prevent skin from drying out while soaking. Don’t give up the inviting escape of your hot tub in order to preserve your skin! Instead, consider converting your hot tub to operate with one of these terrific water care solutions. We know you’ll love what it will do for your skin!

  • SilkBalance—Customers that use SilkBalance really love this product. This proprietary formula not only makes water care simpler, it also contains skin softening agents (including sea salt) to help guard your skin against the drying many experience from regular hot tub chemicals. After soaking in a tub with SilkBalance, you’ll find your skin doesn’t feel dry. SilkBalance upgraded the skin softening of the product last year, making it even more enjoyable than it already was! If you’ve been anchored to plain old hot tub chemicals, you owe it to yourself to give SilkBalance a go. There’s a reason they offer a money-back guarantee on the product! Once your try it, you’ll wonder why you waited.
  • ACE Salt Water Care—A Hot Spring exclusive that revolutionized salt water therapy for hot tubs. Hard to believe it’s been almost seven years since Hot Spring introduced this fabulous water care alternative. The system generates natural chlorine from the salt you add to your water. Natural chlorine is free of the drying buffers and additives found in bottled products, which are the main culprits behind dry skin from hot tubbing. Salt water therapy for the skin is known for keeping skin soft, helping pull toxins from the body, and aiding in exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin beneath. If you have a Hot Spring Spa made after 2004, the aftermarket ACE Salt Water System is available so you can convert your tub. Call our Service Center to find out details.


Give yourself the gift of better water care this season! Visit one of our stores today to learn more about SilkBalance and the patented ACE Salt Water System. Your skin will thank you!