Time to ready your hot tub for spring!

Daylight Savings definitely signifies that spring is…well, springing! Aren’t you thrilled that the days are getting longer? It seems to put everyone in a good mood—gives you more time for a run, work in the garden, and time spent outdoors.

Time to make sure your hot tub is ready for all the renewed outdoor activity! Here are some things to do to get your tub prepared for spring.

  • Give your tub a fresh batch of water. You’ve been putting it off long enough…now is the time to get your tub drained and filled up with fresh water. Nothing is better than the effervescence of clean water for a springtime soak. No time to do it yourself? Call our Service Center today and let our valet team perform a springtime drain & fill for you.
  • Get new filters. If you’ve been putting off getting new filters, give in and get new ones today! If your tub has multiple filters, they should be replaced every 2½-3 years. If there’s only one filter in your tub, it should be replaced every two years. Buy new filters today! Or, if you’re not in need of new filters but they just need a good deep clean, purchase some Filter Cleaner and get them in great shape for the soaks ahead.
  • Clean your ozone system. Ozone systems should be cleaned twice a year and checked to be sure they’re producing ozone. Watch our convenient video on ozone cleaning. If you need a new ozone system, order one here today.
  • Give your hot tub cover some TLC. If you haven’t done it in a while, clean the underside of your cover. Use a Scotch-Brite sponge and scrub the underside with some Alkalinity Increaser or baking soda. Be sure to scrub the zippers and seams as well to help eliminate odor and mildew. Clean the top of your cover with mild dish soap and rinse well. Then, condition the vinyl with 303 Protectant. And—be honest—if you need a new cover because your current one is just old, water logged and no longer energy efficient, order a new one today! Covers should be replaced every 3-4 years.

Your hot tub deserves a spring awakening! Give it the attention it deserves to be set to give you great enjoyable soaks through the spring nights ahead.

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