These days, you can hot tub anywhere. Seriously!

Everyone, it seems loves to hot tub. It’s fascinating to see how human beings get inspired to take something like hot tubs to non-traditional heights. Consider the following new hot tub crazes…including two right here in the Northwest!

  • Swiss hot tubbing.
    There is a hot tub club known as l’Association Jaccuzzi who strive to take hot tubs places they’ve never been—in the air, on the water, and in the earth! This takes extreme from sports to the relaxation arena in a big way! Most recently, it was reported that last October the club assembled a makeshift hot tub that was extended over the edge of the Gueroz Bridge in Switzerland’s Valais Region. The team of enthusiasts assembled a platform that was extended 450 feet below the bridge’s surface. Once the platform was dropped, members descended onto the platform to make the temporary hot tub. Once complete, water was lifted down in buckets until the tub was full. I would imagine a generator of some type was used to keep the water heated—it doesn’t appear the tub has any jets, however. Once completed, everyone hopped in for a soak—suspended in the heavens! The club has also created hot tub experiences underground at the bottom of a cave, on the surface of a frozen lake—even at the summit of Mont Blanc!
  • How about picking a hot tub up—with your bicycle??
    Portable hot tubs called Dutchtubs straight from the Netherlands are being offered up by Clever Cycles, a bike shop right here in Southeast Portland! This is the raw natural hot tub experience, with wood fired heaters and seating for four. The hot tub pod is lightweight enough you can hook it up to the back of your bicycle and pedal away to soak and relax at the destination of your choice! The Dutchtubs weigh about 150 pounds empty. Clever Cycles will have trailers & accessories available to hitch to the back of your cycle. 
  • Sail away…in a hot tub??
    Barring any delays, Hot Tub Boats is slated to open this summer in Seattle. The company has constructed their own boats that are essentially floating hot tubs! The boats are designed to seat six, with the water heated by a small boiler. Since you’ll be navigating on the open waters of Lake Union, you’ll need to have appropriate swimwear and be in possession of your own Washington State Boater’s Safety Card.All novelty? All crazy? All cool? We think it’s a bit of all three. Bottom line is, hot tubbing is…well, hot!