Terrific stocking stuffers for sauna lovers

If you’re struggling for that fun perfect gift for that special someone who is also a sauna enthusiast, end your fretting! We’ve got great ideas to check that friend or loved on off your list. Here are some great gifts for the sauna lover.

Great Sauna Gift Idea #1—Sauna Seat Cover: A must have for sauna use. Made of natural linen, it will absorb moisture during your sauna use, and help preserve the wood of your sauna seat as well. Buy more than one, so you can toss one in the wash and still have a fresh one available for your next session.

Great Sauna Gift Idea #2—Sauna Brush: Regular sauna use is excellent for the health & vitality of your skin, your body’s biggest organ! Help encourage that youthful glow with this brush. Use it to exfoliate your skin as you sweat in the sauna. It will help blood circulation to the skin and reveal the healthy new skin beneath.

Great Sauna Gift #3—Eucalyptus Aromatherapy Oil: This is terrific for both traditional steam & infrared saunas. A small amount of this oil in your water to douse your sauna rocks in a traditional sauna will envelop you in fantastic fragrance that will open your sinuses and relax your mind. For infrared sauna use, use our fragrance holder that hangs easily on the slats in an infrared sauna.

Great Sauna Gift #4—A Finnleo S810 Infrared Sauna: Okay, so this won’t exactly fit in a stocking, but this is such a great idea for the sauna lover who needs a cozy retreat. At just about 3’ square, this will fit in a variety of spaces, from some extra room in a walk-in closet to a niche in an office. And—it’s outstanding for apartments & condos! We set it up for you and it plugs into a standard household outlet. With its proprietary CarbonFlex panels, you not only get amazing therapy, it’s also the safest. Finnleo makes infrared rooms with the lowest EMR/EF emissions of any sauna available! Check out the whole line.

Okay! We’ve done all the work…now get busy and shop! Visit our E-Store today, or visit one of our showrooms to purchase. Happy holidays!