Terrific hot tub stargazing awaits you for the rest of October

The final 10 days of October hold some great opportunities for celestial events. Why not take advantage of some stargazing from the comfort and hot bubbly water of your hot tub? Here are three key chances for great shows—just look heavenward!

October 21st & 22nd—Take in the Orionids Meteor Shower. While not as impressive or abundant as the Perseids Meteor Shower in August, Orionids will still provide you with a fun stargazing quest. Orionids results from the dust grains produced by the Halley Comet. These two nights will offer the best viewing times for the shower. Since the moon will only be a quarter full, it should afford some good darkness to check it out. While they meteors radiate from Orion, you’ll have some good chances to see them anywhere in the night sky. Optimal viewing time will be after midnight these two nights.

October 27th—Enjoy basking in the Supermoon. Native American tribes took this moon as a sign of the leaves falling, triggering the right time for game to be fat and ready to hunt. This is the final supermoon of 2015—a year that had a terrific three supermoons! This is your last chance to enjoy this unusually bright moon, thanks to its proximity to Earth.

October 28th—View Venus, Mars & Jupiter! You’ll need to get up early in the morning for the best viewing opportunity for this rare occurrence. Looking to the east just before sunrise will give you a chance to see Jupiter and Venus, which will be just one degree separated. Mars will be close by—just a few degrees east. The triangulation of these three planets in the pre-dawn sky will be a true fall treat!

It’s always a joy to head out to the hot tub and enjoy the tranquil waters that await you. Taking in these three final celestial shows of October will only enhance the experience!