Take a hot tub soak or a sauna in pursuit of happiness


This week is National Pursuit of Happiness Week. Do you know how truly American the concept of the pursuit of happiness is? It’s said that the phrase “pursuit of happiness” is the most popular phrase in the Declaration of Independence. Coined by Thomas Jefferson, this key phrase altered an earlier term used by the British political philosopher John Locke, who believed that governments were charged with securing the people’s rights to “life, liberty and property”. Jefferson’s alteration of that phrase created a much broader, more idealized view of what life should be like in America, replacing “property” with “pursuit of happiness”.

It’s no wonder, then, that there is a National Pursuit of Happiness Week. And, it’s no wonder that Oregon Hot Tub thinks one way we all can feel happier is by taking a soak in your hot tub or a session in your sauna to help celebrate. It’s no secret that both hot tub soaking and sauna use encourage increased endorphin production, your body’s natural “good mood” generators. There’s a very good reason many people immerse into a body of hot water, or enter that toasty sauna room, and utter one long “Aaaaaahhhh….”! Your body instantly recognizes the enveloping warmth, the ease of tension, the relaxing of joints. (I mean, can you tell me of ONE person who ever emerged from a hot tub or sauna in a bad mood??)

In the interest of being an equal opportunity “happiness” promoter, we offer up our Top Ten Happiness Makers—we’ll even limit the use of a hot tub or sauna to one entry in the list!

Top Ten Happiness Makers

10. Read your child a bedtime story

9. Call a friend or relative you’ve not spoken to for too long

8. Start a new book

7. Watch a favorite movie

6. Have a date night with a loved one

5. Take a long walk

4. Indulge in an impromptu trip

3. Buy something for yourself

2. Write a long overdue thank you note

1. Soak in your hot tub or sauna

There are certainly many more ways to pursue happiness…what’s yours?