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Chronic Pain and the Swim Spa—What You Need to Know


Millions of people suffer with some form of chronic pain—lingering discomfort that persists long after an injury is treated. A sore hip or stiff knee joint from arthritis, or a low back condition put a damper on how easy it is to stay healthy and fit. The good news is, aquatic exercise can help. Movement in water is safe, effective and a smart way to rejuvenate hurting muscles and joints. Here’s a little about chronic pain and the swim spa—what you need to know to feel better fast.

Water Cushions the Body for Pain Free Movement

Aquatic exercise is highly recommended for treating chronic pain and limited mobility. Water acts like a cushion, supporting the body as it moves, alleviating pain and increasing flexibility. Step into the swim spa and buoyancy reduces body weight by as much as 90 percent! When joints hurt on land, or when traditional exercise is painful, a swim spa is a practical alternative, and the key to pain free exercise.

Swimming Laps Strengthens Weak Muscles and Joints

People have known for centuries the fitness benefits of lap swimming. With each stroke, arms, legs and midsection stretch and pull water toward the core for an allover toning session. A swim spa brings lap swimming to your doorstep, making it easy to integrate a swim routine into your daily workload. Over time, with regular use, a swim spa can help tone and shape weakened muscles that chronic pain has impacted.

Hot Tub Hydrotherapy for Instant Pain Relief

A soak in warm, massaging water reduces chronic pain. But not everyone can afford to complement their home with an in-ground swimming pool for exercise and a luxurious spa for muscle relief. Luckily, the best swim spas combine both—an adjustable current for lap swimming with a soothing spa at the pother end for relaxing relief.

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