Swim Spas Bend, Lap Pools on Sale OR.

Swim Spas Bend, Lap Pools on Sale OR.

Do More Than Swim in a Swim Spa at Home

The modern swim spa is an exciting machine that offers anytime lap swimming from the comfort and privacy of home. But, if you haven’t explored it’s many uses, you may be in for a surprise. Aside from easy lap swimming in compact space, here are three more things to do in a swim spa at home.

Dual Temperature Exercise Spas


Use The best swim spas offer two amazing experiences in one—a lap pool for swimming and a hot tub spa for relaxation. With dual temperature use, the modern swim spa makes it possible to workout and swim laps using a continuous current, and then soothe a tired body in the same machine with luxurious hydromassage.

Aquatic Fitness Center

Why travel to the gym when a swim spa at home can offer the same strength building, cardiovascular boosting aquatic workout? Swim spas offer an adjustable current for lap swimming in compact space, as well as many other fitness accessories for aquatic fitness. Outfit your spa with an underwater treadmill for cardiovascular health or resistance bands for toning and shaping the arms.

Kid Friendly Fun

For parents looking for an alternative to a large, in-ground swimming pool, the swim spa is a practical solution. Compact size means more families can enjoy the luxury of aquatic fun and fitness from home. And, a customizable current ensures kids of every age can use the spa without fear. Then perfect tool for teaching the kids how to swim, or letting them splash in the waves, a swim spa is an incredible family fun machine.

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