Swim Spas Beaverton, Lap Pools Oregon

Swim Spas Beaverton, Lap Pools Oregon

3 Ways to Explore The Versatility of a Swim Spa at Home


Residential lap pools have gained popularity recently because they’re easy to set up and fun to use. With incredible flexibility, the modern swim spa makes it possible to swim laps, engage in aquatic exercise and relax in soothing hydrotherapy from home. Here’s what you can do in this versatile machine.

Strong, Deep Current for Easy Lap Swimming

A nonstop, adjustable current makes swimming in place not only possible, but easy and convenient. Unlike lap swimming in a traditional pool where turning around is part of the activity, swimming in a swim spa is nonstop. You never hit the wall, and you never need to turn around to continue swimming. Plus, with variable speed and intensity, beginners and experts can enjoy the same rejuvenating swim.

Relax and Ease Pain With Hydro-Massage

Modern swim spas offer more than easy lap swimming, Many models can feature hot tub hydrotherapy too. One end of the swim spa features the swim current, and the other end features a hot tub spa, complete with powerful jets for soothing hydromassage. Ease aches and pains, reduce stress and enjoy all the benefits of lap swimming and a hot tub spa from the comfort of home.

Tone, Strengthen and Shape with Aquatic Exercise

Your swim spa can be equipped with a wide range of aquatic fitness accessories. An underwater treadmill, row bars, resistance bands and more turn your swim spa into a complete aquatic fitness center. Bring the benefits of aquatic conditioning home and exercise pain free in a safe, cushioned environment that’s easy on joints.

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