Spruce Up Your Hot Tub for Spring

Isn’t it great that spring has finally sprung? We’ve experienced an especially wet few months, and it’s gratifying to know that sunnier longer days are now part of our reality.

We know that some of you just haven’t been giving your good friend in the backyard—your hot tub—proper attention during the winter. Well, now’s the time to get it in shape along with the rest of your outdoor environment so you’re ready to enjoy it anew.

Here are some things to think about that will help get your hot tub back in prime soaking condition:

  • New Filters—How easy it is for hot tubbers to overlook this very vital component! Not only do they ensure that your water stays clean, it an also affect your tub’s ability to be hot & ready. Proper flow through the filters is critical to allow your tubs heater and circulation pump to do their jobs to keep the water clean and up to temperature. News alert—Filters don’t last forever! If your filters are hitting the 2½ year mark, it’s time for new ones. Get new filters today!


  • Your Hot Tub Cover—Winter just wrapped up, and there are a lot of covers out there that are way too waterlogged to retain heat and keep your tub energy efficient. Is yours one of those? If it’s time for a new cover, we can help! Call our Service Center to order a new cover. Or, if you want to stop dealing with a cover than needs replacing and becomes an eyesore, consider getting a stunning new Smartop. Not only is it the last cover you’ll ever need, it’s made right here in the Northwest!


  • Water Care—Whether you need to get new water care products, need to replace an ozone system that’s no longer working (those usually last 2-4 years), a new cell for your ACE Salt System, or just general water care advice, we can help. We have a terrific team at our Service Centerthat can help out with any of these things.


If you find yourself too time starved these days to get your tub back in great shape, you might want to consider letting our terrific Valet Team to come to the rescue. We have a variety of services available, from a simple drain & fill one time to ongoing plans to keep your tub ready for relaxing and off your to-do list.


Wishing you a terrific start to spring! And, as always, happy soaking.