Spring Spruce Up!

Spruce up your tub for spring!


Time to shake off the last throes of winter, and get your tub in tip-top shape for lighter, brighter days ahead! We at Oregon Hot Tub have all the items you need to breathe fresh life back into your tub as you spruce it up.

  • New Filters —Nothing gets you to cleaner healthier water faster than a fresh set of filters. Filters do the heavy lifting in terms of making sure the water you immerse your body in is crystal clear. You should replace your filters every two years. Do yourself (and your tub!) a favor and invest in new filters today. If your filters are still under the expiration date, do a good cleaning with SeaKlear Filter Cleaner.
  • SpaVac —Need a way to get those pesky pieces of sand and dirt too heavy for your tub’s regular filtration to pick up…? This spa vacuum will do the trick quickly and easily.
  • New Cover—Your cover not only keeps dirt out of your tub, it keeps the energy in! A tattered torn sagging cover is not exactly a delight to the eyes, either (and it may be heavy enough to ruin your back!). Call us today to order up a new cover. Consider purchasing 303 Protectant to keep that new cover in shape, too.
  • Signature Water Care – Want to save yourself time, hassle and still get your tub in stellar soaking shape? Consider taking advantage of our Signature Water Care Service. From a one time drain and fill to monthly programs, we’ve got the perfect answer to free you up to do nothing but relax & soak!

Get your tub in shape today, and have a great Spring!