Spice Up Your Soak with Smelly Stuff

Heighten your hot tub soak with aromatherapy

We all know that soaking in a hot tub makes you feel good, but have you ever given much thought to making your soak smell good?

Olfaction is the official term we know as our sense of smell. You can certainly increase your olfactory pleasure while soaking in your tub by adding aromatherapy products. There are many types of aromatherapy products available in the marketplace today. Some are made with Essential oils or other organic compounds. It is believed that aromatherapy can alter your mood, improve cognitive function… even have positive impacts on your overall health.

We offer a number of terrific olfactory-stirring aromas for the hot tub with Spazazz Crystals. Containing a natural blend of minerals, herbs & botanicals, adding Spazazz to your soak can help hydrate your skin, soothe sore muscles, and help alleviate tension & stress. And besides that, it will just smell great!

A few of our favorites: Energize yourself with Pomegranate; Verbena Lime Coconut will awaken your senses; and Lavender Palmarosa will enhance relaxation. Try one tonight!