Spa Trade-In Tips – Have an Old Hot Tub? Trade Ins Welcome, Portland

Hot Tub Trade-in Sale Portland

Even if your current hot tub is only five years old, there are terrific reasons to think about upgrading. If you’re getting ready to overhaul your backyard, this could be the perfect time to overhaul your hot tub too. Here are just a few reasons a new hot tub might be the right path for you.

Hot Spring introduced ACE Salt Water Care
Hot Spring Spas introduced ACE Salt Water Care EIGHT years ago! It’s hard to believe it’s been around that long, but it’s true. If you’re looking for a better, healthier soak each night with fewer chemicals and fewer water changes, you should think about a new hot tub with ACE. Salt water is great for your skin, too.

The NXT Collection
Hot Spring now has five models in its NXT Collection—two were added this year. With wireless controls, a substructure and base pan made of recycled materials, energy efficiency and Tri-X filters that last up to five years, these models are contemporary and green at the same time.

Fresh New Aesthetics
Hot Spring re-designed their premier line of Highlife Collection Spas to refresh the look. The fit and finish of the product has never been better, and the shell and cabinet colors are updated. Plus, many of the combinations will stay fresh looking over time.

All New Warranty
If your tub is at least five years old, you may be at the end of your warranty too. People often get new cars when the manufacturer warranty ends, replacing it with something new and a fresh warranty. Hot Spring’s warranty covers parts and labor for the entire five-year window on nearly everything in the tub!

It’s a Terrific Time for a Hot Spring Spa
If you don’t have a Hot Spring hot tub, it’s a terrific time to get one! Our owners love things you may not even know you’re missing! Silent heating and cleaning 24-hours a day, a patented Moto-Massage jet that sweeps up and down your back, 100% filtration for cleaner water and a safer soak…these are just a few!

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