Saunas Medford, Sale on Traditional, Infrared Saunas

Saunas Medford, Sale on Traditional, Infrared Saunas

Saunas Medford

As a homeowner, there’s no shortage of exciting upgrades available to make your home more comfortable. But rather than spend time and energy replacing carpet or sanding a deck, have you considered investing in your health and wellness? An in home sauna delivers a wide range of benefits to improve how you look and feel for years to come. Here are 3 smart reasons to buy a sauna for your home.

Traditional Saunas

Build Heart Wellness into Every Day Optimal health isn’t just measured through diet and exercise. In fact a strong heart and cardiovascular system is key to longevity and stamina. An in home sauna makes it easy to stay heart-healthy. A few relaxing minutes in dry heat feels great, but it also elevates core body temperature, increases blood circulation and promotes a strong, vibrant heart.

Infrared Saunas

A Better Relaxation and Stress Management Plan We all experience stress. But elevated stress—the kind that creates tension headaches and a stiff neck can be dangerous, triggering more serious health conditions. A sauna at home offers an alternative way to relieve tension and anxiety before it gets out of hand. The sauna environment is calm and relaxing with intense heat targeting areas of the body that are tight or strained. As part of an everyday stress management solution, the sauna creates opportunities for being your best—despite a stressful lifestyle.

Sauna Dealer

Luxury on a Budget With the cost of health and fitness center membership skyrocketing, few people can afford to pay for access to luxury wellness treatments. Buy a sauna, and you get on-demand access to one of the best tools for health maintenance from the privacy of your own home. Use it to detoxify, reduce stress, ease aches and pains, and regenerate mind and body. Installation is reasonable too, making the sauna one of the easiest ways to elevate life, even on a budget.

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About Medford Source:,_Oregon

Medford’s economy is driven primarily by the health care industry.[46] The two major medical centers in the city, Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center[47] and Providence Medford Medical Center, employ over 2,000 people. As Medford is also a retirement destination, assisted living and senior services have become an important part of the economy.

In the past, Medford’s economy was fueled by agriculture (pears, peaches, viticulture grapes) and timber products. The largest direct marketer of fruits and food gifts in the United States, Harry and David Operations Corp., is based in Medford. It is the largest employer in Southern Oregon, with 1,700 year round and about 6,700 seasonal employees in the Medford area.[48] The recreational legalization of OR marijuana in 2012 has been a special boom for area agriculture. Of the more than two million pounds of marijuana grown in the state each year,[49] $2 million a month is sold from Medford area retailers.[50] Lithia Motors, a Fortune 500 company and the 4th largest auto retailer in the U.S.,[51] has been headquartered in Medford since 1970 and was started in Ashland in 1946, named for a nearby springs.[52][53]

Other companies located in the city include Benchmark Maps,[54] Falcon Northwest, Pacific International Enterprises, and Tucker Sno-Cat. Medford and the surrounding area is home to the expanding Oregon wine industry, which includes the Rogue Valley AVA.

The city’s historic downtown has undergone an economic recovery in recent years, using a combination of public funds and private investment. The revitalization effort led to the renovation of underutilized downtown properties and to the construction of a new Lithia Motors headquarters building in the district, completed in 2012.[55] Hospitality company The Neuman Hotel Group, based in nearby Ashland, OR, took over management and ownership of a large downtown motel, The Red Lion, in 2014, that had fallen into disrepair. Neuman Hotel Group renovated the property and renamed it Inn At the Commons.[55]

Points of interest
Alba Park
Location: 42.3238°N 122.876°W
The oldest park in Medford, Alba Park is located at the intersection of Holly and Main in downtown Medford was deeded to the city by the railroad company in 1888.[95] Known as Library Park after the 1911 construction of the Medford Carnegie Library, it was later renamed for Medford’s sister city, Alba, Italy.[96] The park contains a gazebo, a statue of a boy with two dogs surrounded by a fountain pool, and a Japanese gun from World War II.[97][98]

The annual Pear Blossom Run ends across the street from Alba Park at the Medford city hall, with an all-day fair conducted in the park itself.[99]

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Map of Medford, Oregon

Directions from Medford to Oregon Hot Tub 3052 Samike Drive, Medford, OR 97501

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