A sauna on the water…?! It can happen…just ask Seattle

We always marvel at the creativity and innovation of people in the world…especially when it comes to hot tubs and saunas. And now, it appears the creativity with saunas has hit the Northwest, just up the road in Seattle.

This particular project will result in a sauna floating on Lake Washington. The idea is to give locals a different vantage point of the city than they would have previously been able to experience.

The sauna will be designed by an architecture firm called goCstudio. The structure will stay afloat thanks to the use of 28 floating barrels that will hold 55 gallons of water apiece. The sauna will be constructed atop a deck which will feature an outdoor platform area. The sauna will take up an eight foot square area of the 8’ X 16’ deck.

Alaskan Cedar will be used for the sauna itself, and will also include tiered seating, a cool-down hatch and a wood-burning stove. Topping off the sauna will be a fenced roof deck accessed by an external ladder. There will even be a diving board for a plunge into the lake between sauna sessions!

goCstudio plans to raise the funds for the project via Kickstarter. The initial goal is $15,000, which should be enough for the sauna, dock and the stove. Construction will be accomplished by the co-founders of the architecture firm—Aimee O’Carroll and Jon Gentry.

Once the project is completed, they hope to find a local partner to help run the business.

What do you think? We love creative hot tub and sauna installations, and this is one we’re certainly interested in seeing the end result!