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At Oregon Hot Tub customer service is our top priority. When you request information through our website, we will route it right away to the person from our organization who is best suited to giving you the right answers.  We try to get to every request as soon as possible but please allow 1-2 days for responses.

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Virgin Foam Cores:
While many competitors use regrind in their foam cores to save them money during production, our replacement covers use only virgin foam cores to save you money and provide you a stronger, more durable, and more energy-efficient cover.

N-ergy Fit™ technology and Full Length Heat Seal Gasket:
Our replacement covers’ end pillow and full length heat seal are all specially designed to help save heat and prevent moisture loss for long-term energy savings.

Twenty-Eight Points of Internal Reinforcement:
Every stress point is reinforced including the hinge, handles, straps, corners, and skirts.