Elevate Your Master Bath With a Sauna

Remodeling your master bath? It’s the perfect time to add a sauna!

It’s fascinating how many people are now turning their bathrooms into havens. Not only can the bathroom be the place for tidying up and getting ready for the day, it can also become a retreat.

If you’re in the planning stages of remodeling your master bath, one way you can elevate the retreat experience is by adding a sauna.

Oregon Hot Tub has a variety of ideal options to incorporate a sauna into your newly designed master bath. Take a look at these terrific possibilities:

  • The perfect (and safest) infrared sauna. Finnleo Saunas own the safest technology developed for an infrared sauna. Their patented CarbonFlex panels have been designed to ensure the lowest emissions of electromagnetic radiation. A number of these are ideal for including in a master bath. The most popular options are the models in our S Series that seat one, two or three people. These three units only require a standard household outlet to operate, and are incredibly easy to install.
  • A toasty traditional steam sauna. Ahhh…! Nothing could be more of a treat than sliding into the relaxing heat of a steam sauna. Finnleo’s line of Passport Series saunas is terrific! While our most popular model is the 4X4 version, you might want to consider a 4X6 or a 5X7 corner unit to give yourself some extra room to stretch out and enjoy the retreat.
  • Create your own dream sauna with a custom cut room. If you want the true personal touch of a sauna made just for you, a custom cut sauna is the perfect solution. Provide us with the measurements of the space you want to dedicate to the sauna in your bathroom, and Finnleo will create the sauna of your dreams. And—since Finnleo is the only sauna manufacturer licensed to sell InfraSaunas (which combine both the option of traditional steam head and infrared therapy) in one room, you can really have it all!

If you’re going to give that master bath a once over, be sure it has every little treat you hope for when it’s complete—including your own sauna. It will really give you the paradise you deserve!