Are you ready for the future of hot tubs? It’s already here!

We love selling Hot Spring Spas. They’ve been forward thinkers from the very beginning in 1977. For many, a generation is defined as once about every seven years—it’s no different at Hot Spring. That’s the time they tend to look ahead to what’s new, what’s exciting, what’s innovative. They bring what they can into the design of their tubs to “push the envelope” and bring hot tubs to the next level.

This year, Hot Spring launched the 2014 Highlife Collection, entirely re-designed in partnership with BMW Group DesignworksUSA. To say the least, it’s been a tremendous hit. During the design phase, a lot of ideas and thoughts were brought forward…creative minds can dream up exciting things.

With the 2014 product launch, a number of the “What if…?” ideas were introduced in three select models that make up the Hot Spring NXT Collection. These striking models take three highly popular models and increase the design quotient even higher—a glimpse into the future of hot tubs today.

Each NXT Collection Hot Spring Spa has been enhanced with features unique to these models:

  • A substructure made entirely of recycled materials. This polymer will never rot or degrade over time in the elements.
  • A base pan made of the same polymer to seal the bottom of the tub. Its unique “wave” design actually places less of the base of the tub in contact with the ground. Minimizing ground contact increase energy efficiency.
  • Architectural molded corners give added dimension to the spas. Exterior LED lighting graces each corner, adding a high design touch to the overall look.
  • The Hot Spring badge on the front cabinet is large and high tech in its look (think the sleek surface of your smartphone or tablet). Not only does it note you as the proud owner of a Hot Spring, the badge also serves as an indicator for the tub being hot and ready for use.
  • The exciting new wireless remote is standard on all three NXT Collection models. If you haven’t had a chance to view this terrific enhancement, watch the video.
  • All NXT Collection spas are equipped with Hot Spring’s exclusive Tri-X Filters. These three dimension filters allow for the highest cleaning ability over anything else available in the hot tub industry. And—they last for 4-5 years before needing replacement!
  • Increased jet count and jet pump size allow for powerful massage and the opportunity to add special jetting over their Highlife Collection cousins. You’ll really love the way they feel!

Excited yet? You should be! If you’re a person who loves the finest made products with high quality finishes and attention to detail, there a Hot Spring NXT Collection spa in your future. Choose from these three enticing options:

  • The Jetsetter NXT —No need to sacrifice anything just because you have a small space to dedicated to your hot tub escape. The Jetsetter has been the world’s top-selling hot tub for years. This upgraded version features additional jets for the calves & hips, increased depth, larger jet pump for added power…it’s really a high-powered “sports car” of a hot tub!
  • The Envoy NXT —This tub features a newly expanded footprint over the Envoy of years past. Its interior is incredible, and the lounge has been a huge hit. And, the Bella Fontana waterfall is like having your own fountain in your back yard!
  • The Grandee NXT —It doesn’t get any better than this! The tub that lives in the White House is taken to a whole new level of beauty and design. The expansive seating affords terrific comfort for everyone you know. Everyone will feel special in this Hot Spring Spa.

What are you waiting for…? Get to one of our stores today and choose the Hot Spring NXT model right for you! You won’t believe what you’re missing!