Oregon Hot Tub offers the safest infrared saunas in the world!

Finnleo Infrared Saunas feature new patented CarbonFlex panels. These panels were developed over a number of years, and are now ready for consumers. The exciting feature of these panels: they are the safest infrared emitters available.

These new panels have the lowest EMR & EF emissions available. In fact, they even exceed the strict Swedish standards for safety. This means you get the safest sweat available in infrared therapy today. Combining this with the other incredible features in Finnleo’s new S Series Infrared line, and you simply cannot buy a better infrared sauna anywhere—period.

Other exciting features in the new S Series line:

  • Tri-modal Lighting System—Our saunas feature low voltage valance lighting for a high end designer touch. They also include indoor lighting for reading, and color light therapy to target specific health issues, including immunity, sleep disorders, and heart & joint health.
  • SaunaTone™ Sound System—Transducers are installed in the ceiling of the sauna, allowing the entire roof to become your speaker! The touch screen system allows you to tune in your favorite radio station. Or, use one of the convenient ports on the bottom of the screen to enjoy music from your own personal listening device—iPod, iPad, iPhone, MP3 player.
  • Enveloping heat—Only Finnleo provides in floor ceramic tile heating and bench heating as standard features. This provides overall body heating like no other sauna available!
  • GentleBalance™ Heating—This exclusive heat system provides balanced heating when you enjoy your sauna, allowing for the best experience available.
  • Improved energy efficiency—This new line of saunas actually reduces wattage use by 20%! Finnleo Saunas were already inexpensive to use. Now you can enjoy each sauna for literally pennies!

The new S Series looks unlike any other infrared sauna as well, with all glass front, beautiful chrome & wood handles, hand-rubbed finishes, and Euro styling. You won’t find a finer addition to your furniture that helps keep you healthy every day.

Visit us today to explore our entire line of new Finnleo Saunas. You’ll love what you see—we guarantee it!