New product focus—Say hello to the Smartop. The ultimate hot tub cover!

Over the years, one thing has become resoundingly clear with hot tub lovers: they love their hot tub, but they DO NOT love their ever-aging vinyl hot tub cover. All the things you might hate about your traditional vinyl cover are history! We’re thrilled to introduce the Smartop.

Leisure Concepts has developed a terrific new permanent hot tub cover that does away with all the things that become an issue with a traditional hot tub cover. Made of UV reflective decking material, it will not fade, is designed to never become water logged and heavy, and could very well be the last hot tub cover you buy!

Take a look at these terrific details:

s While heavier than a traditional cover by a few pounds when brand new, the bonus is the Smartop will not get heavier over time. Smartop is created with the express intent to avoid taking on water over time—the number one thing that causes a lot of unhappiness with a vinyl cover.

s Because the foam is sealed within aluminum chambers, it is also created to avoid odor and mildew. Its sleek surface is easy to clean, and you’ll never have to worry about dealing with a damp stinky hot tub cover.

s It flips off your tub easily with its integrated hydraulic lifter.

s It offers terrific security when the tub is not in use with its steel cable cover locking system, complete with individual padlocks to secure the cover when no one is soaking.

s A traditional vinyl cover will lose its ability to lock in heat over time, compromising your tub’s energy efficiency. Not so with a Smartop! Because it doesn’t get waterlogged and creates a tight seal with its gasket, the Smartop will consistently serve as an energy guard for your tub.

s Its sleek contemporary look will give your hot tub an instant facelift. You’ll be amazed at how a Smartop will increase the curb appeal of your tub! And it’s available in a variety of colors to perfectly accent your tub’s cabinet.

You have to take a look at Smartop today! By investing in a Smartop, you’ll be able to say so long to replacing vinyl hot tub covers for good. We know you’ll love it! (And…did we mention it’s made in the USA? Right here in the Northwest in Spokane, Washington!)