New Hot Tub Jets for 2012 in Hot Spring Spas Great for Fibromyalgia

There have been many Oregon Hot Tub customers who have purchased a Hot Spring Spa to help alleviate their fibromyalgia pain. It’s well known that immersion in hot water helps relieve much of the sensitivity and achy joints related to fibromyalgia.

One thing that many have wished for was the ability to have greater control over the air and water flow in hot tub jetting. For some that live with fibromyalgia, sensitivity is so great that even moderate jet pressure can cause discomfort.

Fibromyalgia sufferers rejoice! Hot Spring has refreshed their hot tub jetting for 2012. The entire line of Hot Spring Highlife Collection ( tubs features all new jet designs. Benefits of the new jet system:

  • New directional and JetStream jets flare at the surface. This allows dispersion of jet pressure over a wider area of your body.
  • New rotary jet design redirects water and air in a wider arc—more comfortable to sit against with fibromyalgia sensitivity.
  • Updated Soothing Seven jets. This proprietary jet has been updated to give a pulsing massage—it feels amazing!
  • Unparalleled jet variety. Many Hot Spring Spas now feature up to seven different types of jets, including our patented Moto-Massage DX jet—two jets sweeping up and down your back for an overall massage. Truly the hot tub masseuse!
  • All jets in the tub can now be customized for air and water flow. If you feel that the jet pressure is just too much for your body, you can now lower the pressure in individual jets. You can also turn the jet off entirely at the jet face! This ability to fine tune air and water flow allow fibromyalgia sufferers to still enjoy jets during a hot tub soak without experiencing any heightened sensitivity.
  • All Hot Spring Spas feature a SmartJet System. This allows you to divert water and air flow to individual seats. When you want a seat to soak in without any jet action at all, simply use the SmartJet diverter to turn one or two seats off in your tub. This allows other users to enjoy jetting while offering you a place to soak with no jet action.

 You’ll love the new Hot Spring jets for 2012! Sure fire way to find out? Schedule a test soak in any of our retail showrooms today. Not only will you love the soak, you’ll also be treated to soaking in water with SilkBalance —the virtually chemical free and chlorine-free way to soak.

Ready for fibromyalgia relief? You’ll love owning a refreshed Hot Spring Spa from Oregon Hot Tub!