Need a great Valentine’s gift? How about a massage every day?

I don’t know about you, but I find a massage hard to resist! What’s better than having a rub to remove the stress of the day, ease tense muscles, and just help you relax?

If your sweetie loves massage, have we got the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for you! We can get one of our terrific Infinity 8500 Massage Chairs delivered to your door in time for February 14th. What a great surprise!

If you haven’t checked out this fabulous chair, you need to drop by one of our stores and do so now. This is absolutely the chair of many massage enthusiasts dreams, with a variety of massage techniques at your fingertips, lumbar heat, and a built-in music system to boot.


One of the unique features of the chair worth mentioning is the zero gravity sensation designed into the chair. NASA uses a variation of this zero gravity in all its space capsule seats. The chair will envelop you, allowing it to mimic the weightlessness similar to what the astronauts experience on a space flight. This sensation allows your body to release muscle discomfort, tension and stress. When the zero gravity positions are in play, your legs are higher than your body, improving blood flow and circulation.


And don’t worry about anything getting overlooked. The Infinity Massage Chair is designed to massage your entire body, from your head right down to a stellar foot massage on the soles of your feet!


What a terrific way to end a hard day at the office or at home. It’s also excellent to help relieve tension built up from travel and commuting—who doesn’t need that?


Drop by today and take a test in the Infinity 8500 Massage Chair. (There are worse things you could do!) If you’re already convinced, you can simply order today and get it delivered to your home as a Valentine’s surprise that will definitely make you a hit! Shipping is free!