Make Valentine’s Day a Hot Tub Date Night

February is just around the corner—and that means you have only two weeks to make sure you’ve got things set for a great Valentine’s Day. If you’ve never considered making the hot tub the center of a Valentine’s night, why not make this the year you do so?

Here are some ideas to make the hot tub a sweet surprise on Valentine’s Day.

  • It might seem cheesy to some, but a lot of people love the idea of a rose petal path leading to the hot tub. If it’s something your special someone would think is romantic (or perhaps out of character and you can really shock them!), consider giving it a shot. It can’t hurt to have the hot tub open and ready with a small bouquet of roses sitting on the filter lid of the hot tub too.
  • Set the lighting. Consider some candles outlining the rose petal path to the tub—tea lights are perfect. Flameless candles are another good option. And, of course set the hot tub lighting to a nice soothing romantic color, perhaps dimmed just a bit.
  • Set the sound. Nothing like some of your favorite music playing when you head out to the tub. Either through an outdoor music system or other portable music system…or, ideally through your Bluetooth Music System on your Hot Spring Spa. (If you don’t have Bluetooth Music and want to see if you can add it for an extra surprise that night, call our Service Center to inquire.)
  • Aromatherapy is a nice touch. Spazazz comes in a number of great scents perfect for a Valentine’s evening. Drop by one of our showrooms and find a couple ideal options.
  • Consider a massage. Hot water not only feels terrific, it also makes your muscles relax and increases your circulation. Why not offer up a shoulder and neck massage while soaking in the tub? We guarantee you it will get you brownie points!

The hot tub is such a terrific time to relax and spend some quality time with the one you love. Have a happy hearts day!